Casper Ch. Daelgardes Casper CD HIC

Goodbye, With Much Love, to Casper
Ch. Daelgardes Casper CD HIC
Owned by David and Ellen Raper
July 03, 1985 – December 18, 1999

Dogs are like snowflakes – every one an individual, no two just alike
Even so, our Casper was a standout, ever since he was a wee tyke
From the very first he would play with me on the floor
One game after another, he was always ready for one more

With a handsome gray coat and laughing eyes
Facing every day with a grin, my how time flies
Champion, Protection, CD, HIC, TV fame, every day an event
He conquered every challenge he faced, he was quite the gent

He faced life head-on, with never a doubt
That he was in charge and knew what it was all about,
For 14 plus years he charmed everyone he met
The greatest title of all, he was our companion, our pet
He has played his last game, but not brought us our last smile
We will always remember the good times, his devilish guile
No longer restrained by the limitations of life as we know it
Once again eager and strong, and fully fit
Even though we now dwell in places far apart
He will always be with us, never far from our hearts

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