"Brutus" Born June 26, 1995 owner: Rona & Scott Brody, Solon, Ohio, USA

We would like to introduce our senior puppy Brutus the Buckeye. Brutus will be 13 on June 26, 2008. we call him a senior puppy because Brutus has not accepted his age as a senior dog. He still thinks he’s a puppy. Attached are some pictures of Brutus performing his agility routine at NAWBA in 2000. It was there that Brutus made his splash. He earned his CGC and ran in his first and only public Agility performance. He was the hit of the show when he ran the course with exuberance and a lot of excited barking. He looked more like a freight train running through the Agility course then a Bouvier. Over the years Brutus has been introduced to a number of activities that he enjoyed, herding, carting and his most favorite Lure Coursing. Yes, we know he’s not a Sight Hound, but you should see him chase the lure, he surpassed many of the Greyhounds that ran the training course. We had to quit this activity a few years ago, as it was too much for him, but I couldn’t tell him that, he thinks he is ready to go even at 13!

Today Brutus still enjoys playing with his Kong toy, monitoring all activities in His yard enjoying his patriarchial position in our family’s Bouvier clan, and as he has all his life watch Television. Other than a little arthritis developing around his vertebrae and some stiffness in his hindquarters that you would expect at this age, his health is very good.

I want to Thank Marilyn Howard for breeding such a great companion and allowing us to take Brutus home 12 ½ years ago. We had some doubts back then as he was quite the handful. But he turned into the most wonderful, loving dog we have ever had the pleasure of sharing our home.

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