Health Survery


Presented by Margaret Slater, DVM,PhD
With help from Brenda L. Jacklitsch
Released August 30, 2005

Sponsored by

The Survey and other Bouvier Health Foundation Projects are made possible by the commitment of the membership of the ABdFC. The
membership of the ABdFC actively commits time to these projects and participates generously in funding the projects. Congratulations
to all who made this Survey possible and to all Bouvier lovers who participated in the Survey.


The Bouvier Health Foundation requested a general health survey for bouviers whose owners belong to the American Bouvier des Flandres Club.
The purpose was to find possible emerging breed-related health problems, so that concerns and breed problems can be addressed. Previous surveys were used as a basis for the current survey.

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Bouvier Health Survey

Latest News

Canine Health Information Center

Canine Health Information Center
Provides a source of health information for owners, breeders, and scientists that will assist in breeding healthy dogs. Bouviers were enrolled in CHIC in 2007
CHIC works with parent clubs to identify health screening protocols appropriate for individual breeds.
CHIC operates an informed consent database. All information regarding test results remains confidential unless the owner specifically authorizes release of the information into the public domain

Club National Specialty Schedule

American Bouvier des Flandres Club National Specialty. Check for updates on the Specialty Schedule for health testing details at:

DNA Samples Collected for Research

An investigation into the genetic causes of canine glaucoma being conducted at the University of Missouri-Columbia College of Veterinary Medicine